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No one wants to think about hiring a criminal defense lawyer. People don’t plan on doing crimes. Unfortunately, sometimes, things happen – and mistakes are made. When that happens your future is at risk. Your ability to get a job, an education, even own a gun/vote, are at jeopardy if you don’t beat the crimes you’re accused of committing. That’s when, and why, you need the Spodek Law Group. With over 50 years of experience, and a team of award winning NYC Criminal Lawyers / Queens criminal attorneys – we are here to defend you.

Managing partner Todd Spodek is a second generation attorney, and treats each and every client like a member of our family. Unlike other lawyers, Todd handles each case personally. He doesn’t pawn you off to an associate, or some other unqualified paralegal. When you hire the Spodek Law Group – you are hiring celebrity criminal defense attorney Todd Spodek – a highly rated attorney. With numerous locations in NYC and Long Island, NYC Criminal Lawyer / Queens criminal attorney Todd is available to meet you whenever, and wherever, is convenient for you.

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    Todd Spodek is a well known and trustworthy and frequently interviewed on TV by media outlets.

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    Every member of our team has immense experience handling a variety of criminal defense cases ranging from complex white collar crimes, to interstate drug crimes, and more.

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    Every single member of our law firm is experienced, and has a track record of success. You can Google every single member of our law firm and see their accolades.

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    99% of cases we handle end with a better out come, that means cases dismissed, no jail time, or with a much better outcome.

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Our Philosophy And Who Our Queens Criminal Lawyers Are

We are the law firm you hire, and come to, when you need the legal help. We believe in providing top notch legal defense. The Spodek Law Group is one of the most successful defense law firms in Queens. We have a 99% success rate when it comes to cases we handle – and their outcome. Our goal is to help get charges against clients dropped, or dismissed. We help you by getting criminal charges dismissed – so they don’t impact your future.

Tragedy never waits before striking – and it means that when you’re arrested – you need immediate legal help. We have criminal defense attorneys in Queens available 24/7 to help you. Most cases have 1-3 attorneys assigned in order to help improve the results. In addition, we have an entire team of support staff that are available 24/7 to help with all emergencies. Moreover, we offer flat fee arrangements, and have payment plans, and we can help you get access to capital funding if you need it also, – and accept all major credit cards.

Our queens criminal attorneys / NYC criminal attorneys have decades of experience handling cases all over the state of New York. We have convenient locations in NYC and Long Island. We have partner attorneys all over the country – who work with us to help clients. Many attorneys refer us clients because they trust our capabilities, and our knowledge. We help clients, and their family members get the outcome they need. If you’re accused of a DUI/DWI, because you bought red wine from the liquor store – we can help. We don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach to law. We work with clients so they understand what they are facing, and prepare them for all possible outcomes.

Todd Spodek - Founding Partner, Award Winning Queens Criminal Lawyer

rated second generation attorney, who is frequently interviewed by the media. He has over a decade of experience, and has experience handling all major criminal defense practice areas.

Todd Spodek Founding Partner, Award Winning

Todd Spodek understands the Queens criminal attorney you hire is more important than the crime. Todd can help you get top notch legal defense. Todd understands that a majority of clients are concerned and just want transparent answers. He works hard to help clients, and their family members, get the legal help and answers they need. With a 99% success rate, Todd is here to help you with all of your questions. He doesn’t believe in a cookie cutter approach, and is focused on providing answers.


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What our client says

I was accused of groping another woman. I did no such thing, but I was still accused, and arrested. My reputation was at risk. Thankfully, Todd helped clear my name. Couldn't be more grateful.

- Simon Sinek

Todd is literally the Queens criminal lawyer money can buy. I highly recommend him, and think you shouldn't look elsewhere.

- Rick Bran

Todd Spodek | Queens Criminal Lawyer | Can Help You

Being accused of a crime is not a great thing. It’s something which can hurt your future in many ways. Todd Spodek is extremely well aware of this, and everything he does is in order to protect and defend you. Todd is one of the criminal defense attorneys in NYC/Queens. Having him in your corner is the only decision which makes sense when you are looking for aggressive representation in NYC/Queens. There are only a handful of attorneys in NYC/Queens that have the training, and experience – necessary to take a case to trial. Todd, our founding partner, regularly takes cases to trials and wins or gets the case dismissed.

What should I expect from a criminal lawyer

When you ask for legal advice, you should expect your criminal lawyer to have knowledge of the law, and experience in handling similar cases. Make sure you find a criminal defense attorney who is a skilled negotiator, and understands how to win cases. Typically, you want an attorney who is prompt and punctual. Your criminal lawyer should be able to explain potential scenarios you might face, evaluate your options, and provide you with a realistic assessment of the situation you’re in. Most importantly, your criminal defense attorney should be creative, and resourceful. He, or she, should be able to come up with a solution to your case that works not only for you, but also your family.

What happens when someone is arrested?

After someone is arrested they are usually brought into a police station, where they are then booked. At this point, a police will gather information about the suspect to see if he/she has a criminal record. Immediately, the person should contact their family, and a criminal lawyer. Under the US constitution, you aren’t required to speak to the authorities if arrested. You may provide information about your identity, but aren’t required to share any more information about yourself. Ideally, you want to talk to your criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

If i’m pleading guilty, do I really need a criminal lawyer?

Ideally, you want advice from an experienced criminal attorney before pleading guilty to any criminal charges. Even if you intend on pleading guilty, it’s critical you speak to an attorney. Working with an New York criminal attorney means you might get a better end result.

What’s an arraignment?

This refers to the initial proceeding before a court. This is when the court announces the charges that are being filed against you. The arraignment happens after the police have filed a complaint, which happens after a person is arrested. At this time, bail is something which can be posted. Bail is money deposited which secures your release from jail. Bail is set to ensure you’ll return for future court appearances. In some cases you can be released from jail without bail. You could be released by requesting an O.R. release, or a release on your own recognizance. Under this, you promise you’ll appear for any future proceedings that court does.

Depending on the area, and criminal charges, you might be able to bail out someone after an arrest. You can either pay the bail to the court or hire a bail bonds company. To bail someone, you need proper ID, and must be over 18 years old. Criminal charges are very complex. While you technically can represent yourself in a criminal case, it’s not recommended. If you decide to represent yourself, you could face a harsh outcome.

What to expect from the Spodek Law Group

Accused of a crime? Hiring the right NYC criminal attorney can literally make, or break, your situation. If you hire the right criminal attorney, this could improve your life and the outcome of your criminal case remarkably. In some cases, people might decide they are going to go with a court appointed lawyer. If you have the desire of having a court appointed attorney – this might be ok, depending on the crime. But there are certain cases where you should hire a proper criminal attorney. Some court appointed attorneys might be able to do a great job, without having a lot of experience – if the case is easy enough. Most cases don’t require you to have a lawyer the arraignment. However, you should definitely speak to a lawyer before you enter a plea. Even if you don’t have an attorney present, the courts will proceed and give you an account of your charges. If you’re in need a private criminal attorney, your first step is hiring our law firm. It’s not uncommon for private NYC criminal lawyers to charge anywhere from $100 to $1000 per hour. There are really no clear cut answers to the amount a lawyer can charge. Many experienced lawyers consider their service to be of such high value that their clients must pay a larger sum of money. It’s not recommended that you represent yourself in a criminal case. When facing potential jail time, it’s a good idea to hire a private criminal lawyer. The most important reason is for experience. There are a lot of qualifications required to defend yourself in court.

If you already have an attorney, you can change with the one representing you to the Spodek Law Group. We are here to help you.

Our NYC Criminal Lawyers / Queens criminal lawyers will never sit back, and allow you to be strong-armed by the prosecution. Our attorneys are always on the offense, and look out for you. We are confident in our training, and are frequently interviewed by the media for our in-depth expertise. Attorney Todd Spodek is with you every step of the way – unlike other mediocre attorneys who provide less than adequate representation. We will never compromise your case, and simply accept the first deal the prosecutor gives. In addition, we take on fewer clients than other law firms because we want to ensure we’re doing the job possible for you and your family.

What should I expect from a good Queens criminal attorney

You should expect an attorney who understands the law, and has experience handling different types of charges, as well as experience in the court where the charges are filed. You want someone whose a skilled negotiator, and someone who understands the importance of striking a deal. Not all criminal attorneys are experienced, in both state, and federal, courts. It’s important to find an attorney whose practiced in the appropriate court, and has defended similar cases. At Spodek Law, we’re seasoned litigators, and have negotiation skills and vast experience.

In addition, you should expect help from your attorney planning different scenarios, evaluating your options, and helping you assess your risk. It means finding an attorney who will listen to your situation, and help you play through various scenarios, evaluate pros and cons, assess the risks, and communicate with you to determine what is the course of action. You should expect that the communication between you and your attorney be timely, and that copies of all records be produced by the attorney, and the government. You should expect that your communications with your attorney be kept confidential, and that your attorney work to make you comfortable, and not judge you.

What happens after criminal charges are filed in court?

If you’re arrested, you generally have to appear for an arraignment,at which time the charges are publicly announced. A plea of not guilty will typically be entered by you, on the advice of your attorney. If the person who filed the criminal charges decides not to go to court, or continue with the case, it’s not necessarily the case the charges will be taken away. Criminal charges are processed by the state, not the individual. The fact that the alleged victim decides not to participate, or testify, may convince the prosecutor to drop the case, due to the lack of evidence the witness would have provided. In the case of simple misdemeanors, which are a less serious criminal offense, this may certainly be true. However, a felony is a more serious crime. A felony can be punishable by a state prison sentence. If you are accused of committing a felony, then it’s likely the prosecutor will try to prove his case, even if the primary witness refuses to cooperate. Typically a state criminal charge, which is a violation of state law, will be prosecuted in the state court. A federal criminal charge, which is a violation of federal law, is prosecuted by the US attorney’s office in the Federal Court system.

Is it possible to get a conviction vacated?

If a conviction was obtained improperly, then a petition can be filed requesting that the conviction be eliminated. If a conviction is vacated, then the charge is usually reinstated, and the case is going to go to trial. Vacation the conviction can be super important for immigration reasons. Criminal convictions can lead to immigration deportation. Once a conviction has been vacated, the immigrant is no longer deportable. Vacation is a conviction is also important for sentencing. If someone is convicted, and they’ve been previously convicted of a crime, they will generally face a greater sentence. If a previous conviction is vacated, then the sentence can be reduced. The most common way for a conviction to be vacated is through a motion which identifies legal errors in the case which resulted in the conviction. If a defendant waives his right to trial,  and was not advised by the court about the consequences of doing this – then this is a legal error which could result in the conviction being vacated. It’s important you have a criminal lawyer at your side who can advise you about all of this

Answers to common criminal defense questions

If you or a loved one were arrested recently, or if you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, it’s like you have so man questions. Our team of criminal attorneys has provided a number of answers to common questions we hear.

All crimes are either felonies or misdemeanors. Misdemeanors are lower level crimes which result in no more than 1 year in jail. Common types of misdemeanors are theft, DUI, marijuana possession, probation violation, and even domestic violence

Felonies are much more serious crimes which result in more than 1 year in state/federal prison, if convicted. Spodek Law Group is here to help you defend yourself against false accusations. The chances of going to jail, or prison, will depend on the charges you’re facing. If you’ve been convicted of a misdemeanor, the chances that you go to jail are less likely than if convicted of a felony. If you’ve been charged with a felony, and are found guilty, then it’s likely you’ll go and spend time in jail. The way to avoid jail time, is to hire an aggressive NYC criminal lawyer to protect your rights. The penalties you face depend on the type of crime you’re accused of committing. Convictions for misdemeanors can result in fines, probation, community service and more. It’s likely you’ll face higher fines, and more stricter punishments, depending on the type of felony you’re convicted of.  It’s possible for charges to get reduced or dropped if you hire an NYC criminal lawyer. It’s unethical for us to promise a reduction, or dismissal for every client.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What type of cases do we handle?

Our Queens criminal attorneys handle all types of cases. We have experience handling complex, and tough white collar crimes – in addition to simple misdemeanors. Regardless of the type of case you have, we are positive we can help you. We encourage you to contact us in order to get a risk free consultation first.

Q.How much do you charge?

We charge depending on the type of case. In some cases we charge a fee per hour. In most cases, we prefer charging a flat rate for the case. When you speak to one of our Queens criminal lawyers, he/she will walk you through the case, what the outcome might be, and what the fee for our services will be.

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